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Dezember 01, 2019

Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas - Happy Holidays

Fresh, festive DIY Christmas gift wrap ideas from Home & Art.

Christmas / Holiday gift wrapping does not have to mean boring paper and garish colours. We just made some gift wrapping ideas for you, by using elements from the nature.

The wrapping can be festive and classic by not spending a lot of money. We used black & brown paper and just add some nature details, which you can find in the forest or in your garden.

As gift ribbon we have used twine and red ribbon instead of the classic gold ribbon plus decorated the gift with 'petit sujets' like a little Elch clip / Elch cookie cutters / Boutons de Rose/Rosenknospen - this 'la cucina' rosebuds can be used after for tea or bath ... Happy Holidays!

Fotos: Home & Art Magazine 


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