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März 18, 2019

Handbag - Have you ever done a bag cluttering?

When you are standing at your front door and you cannot find your key in your black hole of a handbag, it could be time for a little bag de-cluttering ...

We are definitively carrying too much stuff in our handbags. Most people do not actually need all the junk, like carrying old receipts, candy wrapper, used handkerchief/tissue or they are carrying heavy items, like books and work files.  If so, try to limit the number of items you take with you and just pick a day to clean cut your handbag.

Clearing out the clutter in 4 Steps

Step I 
Take everything out of the bag
Step 2 
Sort everything into piles and throw out any trash
Step 3 
Go through your piles and pull out the items that you seldom use.
Step 4
Organize your bag with a bag organizer (for example from RED DOG)

If you regularly change your handbag to your brief case or to your sport bag  and back again, this is a brilliant solution. The indispensable items in your handbag  have a fixed place so you always know where to find them.

I always declutter my handbag on Sunday, so everything is perfect for Monday.

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