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September 19, 2016

FALKE Cellulite Control Tights

Cellulite - A word that fills us all with dread and you might have tried creams, diet, done massage and trained your legs, but the lumps and bumps remain. We know... Cellulite is a typically female phenomenon, caused by collection of fat that pushes into the skin's upper layer - 80% of all women are susceptible to it, even sporty and slim women can suffer from cellulite.

FALKE introduces an innovative Cellulite Control Product - of course your cellulite will not magically eradicate overnight, but it helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite. The main advantage of the product is the 'Triple Action' System:
  1. Micro massage: The new FALKE 3D knitted fabric on the panty causes a gentle stimulation of the skin.
  2. Lymphatic massage: The diagonal knitted reinforced areas exert gentle pressure, massaging the lymph nodes in the groin.
  3. Supporting action: The ergonomically adjusted pressure flow along the length of the leg ensures better oxygen transport.
I can say, the tights are comfortable and practically invisible under clothes, there are easy to integrate into everyday life, but to achieve the best effect for your leg, you have to wear the tights for at least eight hours every day over a period of four weeks. Make sure you buy it in every colour; therefore you have always the right colour for all your dresses! #cellulitecontrol

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