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Juni 26, 2017

Morning Ritual - Yogurt

My relationship with yogurt, it's a very long and close friendship

When we are born, the first thing we taste is sweet breast milk. Liking sweet food is beneficial for our survival and is why we experience feelings of joy when eating chocolate, cakes and other sugary things - and that's why some of us find it hard to stop, because our body has taught us to continue doing things that are rewarded. 

The good thing is - there are more and more brands which reducing the amount of refined sugar in their food products. Like you know from my food post about 'You are what you eat' (if not you just head over to this link) I am part of the blind taste testing #yogurtcommunity in Switzerland and I will get the second delivery by the end of the week from Nestlé - Hirz & LC1 have set out to reduce the amount of refined sugar in the yogurt without compromising on their safety, quality and taste - you will see more soon on Instagram Stories - homeandart  Be inspired with Home & Art 

Foodstyling Yogurt
Yogurt Foodstyling
Yogurt Foodstyling
Photos: Nicole  - NB Photography - Home & Art 

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