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April 29, 2017

Food Alert: You are what you eat


Preparing food is about enjoying the slow process of it - it is about your relationship with the meal. That is why home-made food is more delicious and hygge than bought ones. A fruit yogurt is a deliciously creamy healthy breakfast and has some real benefits especially from the beneficial bacteria, but there is a downside...

Have you ever considered how much sugar is in your yogurt? Well, many of the popular yoghurt brands have more sugar than a junk food you would never consider eating. The recommendation of the American Heart Association is 36g of sugar for men per day and for women no more than 20g. But I can tell you many of the top-selling yogurts have more.

Foodstyling Home and Art

Nestlé - Hirz & LC1 have set out to reduce the amount of refined sugar in our yogurt without compromising on their safety, quality and taste. You might have seen on 'homeandart' Instagram Stories, I am part of the blind taste testing #yogurtcommunity in Switzerland and I got the delivery last week.  

Foodstyling Home and Art

... and I can tell you, not all the tested yogurts have been enjoyable, some were okay to eat, some were good, but two were really delicious! Which one is going to win the race on the market? Well, we will see when they promote the product on the market, I hope soon!

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