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Oktober 02, 2016

Create the perfect Autumn feeling at Home

If it is grey and cloudy outside - make oneself welcome - and warm colours make your home cosier. I have picked out some ideas for you to create the perfect autumn feeling at home. 

  1. Lalique scented candles - the perfect mood in autumn. A chic black lacquered glass holds the immaculate wax. The matching black and white box identifies the Voyage de Parfumeur Collection. I love the 'Chili' Fragrance - The mysterious Bolivia... Part of the Ancient Incas Empire, it is believed to be a chili pepper motherland.
  2. A cashmere wrap is a must-have in your wardrobe. I still love my black & white cashmere wrap from Caren Pfleger - soft and warm!
  3. A Japanese soup is always nice this time of the year - just invite some friends over for a lunch this weekend and the table setting can be simple as I have done on this pic.
  4. A lovely vase by Chic Cham Lausanne for those beautiful and colourful autumn flowers.
  5. Set the right mood with a modern lighting - I found this one by Micasa.
  6. Last but not least - say bye bye to sag and dry skin and hello to Caudalie face lifting soft cream.
Happy Day and fall in love with Autumn!

Photos: Home & Art by Nicole

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