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About Nicole Böhme

Before embarking on her career as a Lifestyle Consultant, Content Creator and Managing Director of Zürich (Switzerland) based consulting company Home & Art (founded in 2011). Nicole worked for over 20 years as a consultant in the travel & private banking industry. Born and raised in a small country like Switzerland, Nicole felt a strong desire to explore the world from early on. Up till now she has visited more than 90 countries in the world.

'I always try to be inspred by myself
to creat 
without focusing too much on what someone else has aready done.'
Nicole Böhme

Home & Art Magazine 

What first started as a small client Blog (named 'The Wardrobe Organizer') in 2012 became in the meanwhile a second job. Due to her consistent rising presence in print, television and digital media with Home & Art, Nicole became more and more attractive for brands in Interior, Fashion, Beauty, Food & Travel. Home & Art Magazine was founded in 2016 and has replaced the Blog 'The Wardrobe Organizer' - a new journey of inspiration, travel & style.
'No matter where you are and where you go, 
enjoy your journey hygge (cosy), in style and with passion.'
Nicole Böhme

The Power of a Story - Digital Storytelling

The Studio - Home & Art

With over 10 years of experience in digital storytelling, art direction and photography, Nicole Böhme provides expertise far beyond her own magazine and channels. Together with her partner she opens The Studio - Home & Art, a creative hub for content creation. We want to share our knowledge in visual storytelling and offer our clients a high-quality service in style and creative consulting.

'I believe in minimalism and appreciates quality over quantity'.
 Nicole Böhme

 We help you to create inspiring campaigns!

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