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Juli 28, 2016

Refresh your Wardrobe with new Tools

Sale is nearly over and the new collection is knocking at the door, but before you reach out for the new items – it’s time for a Wardrobe Lifting. Each season, I make it a point to ask myself just 4 questions about my style and the state of my wardrobe.
  1. Is this an item I will wear and does it fit?
  2. Does this article of clothing or accessory reflect my current style?
  3. Is my Wardrobe overflowing?
  4. How will I store my new items?
Looking good and feeling great has a lot to do with what we wear. Most of our wardrobes are overflowing but typically we wear only 20% of the clothes we own and probably only 10% on a regular basis and the other rest is just decoration. You should clean out your wardrobe to make room for the new.

If you have dream to have a wonderful wardrobe or dressing room, you need to design a system that is very personal to you. You have to think about what sort of clothes, bags and shoes you want to store and how many items you need to allow for. Think also about the full-length of your clothes for example, evening dresses and long coats.

A wardrobe is never too small, but needs to be optimized, with the right tools and maybe with a little help from my side and your wardrobe will be perfect. There are great tools on the market and I always like to test them! Et volà, some of my favourite’s products at Tchibo Online Shop - nice Organizer Box with/without lid, Bag Hooks for your trendy bags and Divider for your drawers.

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