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Mai 23, 2016

The Power of Accessories

When people meet you, they should remember you and then your jewellery. Therefore mix and match your beautiful pieces for an interesting look, but never forget: Less is more, and the key to accessorizing is to keep it personal and to keep it tasteful. Accessories should complete your outfit, not complete with it.

Be Inspired

Necklace - Swarovski / Bangle - Esprit /  Bracelet - Fossil / Watch - Fossil

... and how do you store your nice jewellery?

Certainly, you can hang your necklaces on hooks on the back of a door or on a beautiful jewellery rack or you could use a French dressmaker’s dummy. There are so many possibilities to store your accessories...

Credit: Poliform - Wardrobe Inspiration
Fotos: Home & Art  Magazine / Werbung

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