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August 22, 2017

IKEA Catalogue 2018 - Make Room for Life


It is finally time to get all the new Interior Design catalogues in our mailbox - from IKEA, Micasa to Möbel Pfister. It is always exciting! So let's start our journey by browsing through the new catalogues...

Make Room for Life - IKEA 2018

The IKEA theme this year is 'Make Room for Life'. It is all about making room for life in all your spaces of your beautiful home. Before you start with decorating, IKEA want you to ask yourself, what do you love to do and where? You might have a special or new hobby, that you make room for, or do you want more space for guest. So if you are focusing on what you like to do, it is much easier to decorate your home in a way that makes you happy and satisfied.

Interior Design

What's NEW  - Limited Edition Collection EFTERTANKE (Oct 2018)

EFTERTANKE is IKEAs latest limited edition collection and includes hand woven textiles, hand-formed and finished pottery, and handmade paper products. The hands that made EFTERTANKE belong to the many skilled artisans of the Doi Tung Development project, a social enterprise working to provide decent jobs, schools and healthcare to an entire community.

IKEA says Hej to HAY (Danish Design Firm) - new Ypperlig Collection (Oct 2018)

“The way we work with accessories in the collection is to connect and combine colours for
a fresh modern look. For the accessories we work with at IKEA, we have explored many
different materials including, aluminium, metallic, terracotta, textiles, plastic and wood to
create a diverse range with different uses that we are excited for,” says Mette Hay, cofounder of HAY. 

HAY was founded in 2002 with the ambition to create contemporary furniture with an eye 
for modern living and sophisticated industrial manufacturing. 

The IKEA catalogue 2018 is full of inspiration and tips - here are my favourites
 from the new collection - more on ikea.com

Photos: Home & Art by Nicole and IKEA Schweiz  

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