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Oktober 23, 2016

Handbag - Have you ever done a bag cluttering?

When you are standing at your front door and you cannot find your key in your black hole of a handbag, it could be time for a little bag de-cluttering ...

We are definitively carrying too much stuff in our handbags. Most people do not actually need all the junk, like carrying old receipts, candy wrapper, used handkerchief/tissue or they are carrying heavy items, like books and work files.  If so, try to limit the number of items you take with you and just pick a day to clean cut your handbag. I always declutter my handbag on Sunday, so everything is perfect for Monday.

If you regularly change your handbag to your brief case or to your sport bag and back again, there is a brilliant solution – the bag organizer from RED DOG. The indispensable items in your handbag have a fixed place so you always know where to find them.

Examine the dimensions of your body and the dimensions of your handbag and make sure they are in proportion. A small or a full-figured lady looks ridiculous carrying a massive handbag and a tall lady looks even taller if she is carrying a very small bag.

When people meet you they should remember you and not your big bag!

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